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Experts explain how something like this can happen and, more importantly, how to avoid it.
Los Angeles-based sex coach Demetra Nyx is reclaiming the power of her period.
"There's so much blood," one combatant told his cornermen as the fighters struggled to stay on their feet in the gore.
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“My wife and my baby just drank someone’s blood. It was bad.”
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A British ad is showing red liquid in a menstrual product ad, instead of the blue liquid we’ve become used to seeing.
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A blocked storage tank line caused the gruesome sight.
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The ex-Oklahoma chief claims vindictive skinheads highjacked his name.
The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.
By Drs. David Niesel and Norbert Herzog In experiments, melanoma cells from rapidly spreading tumors were grown on a gel
Periods are totally normal and natural. But for whatever reason, people find them icky to talk about. No more! When it comes
The essence of Blood Donation is to rescue another life that may have otherwise been compromised. The most natural question
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Al's Bar Downtown On the ground floor of the American Hotel, which was famous for easy drug availability and every other
Venous Stasis Immobilization (patient stays in bed) Physical therapy is not available Being on an airplane or in a car for
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We can wake ourselves up by increasing our oxygen level by breathing deeply. Or conversely, we can put ourselves to sleep with a kind of meditation of shallow breathing, and repeating silently the words to the rhythmic "in" and "out" like a mantra.
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I am not a Pollyanna. Make no mistake. I know we are imperfect; we are flawed and wrinkled, we can be cantankerous and cold
The Donald Trump infection is a relatively new strain of superbug called trumpococcus teapartius. It is highly resistant to antibiotics or reason, so the body politic must rely on its white cells to fight off the infection.