blood donation

"There is perhaps only one circumstance in which it is acceptable to suggest to a loved one what I was about to suggest to my sister."
“A person needs lifesaving blood every two seconds in our country," one official said.
The organization’s blood supply has fallen by nearly 25 percent since last month.
Gay and bisexual men were previously subject to a lifetime ban on blood donations, which was widely regarded as discriminatory.
Many are hesitant to become a donor, but there may be some surprising perks that could benefit your body and mind.
The FDA’s decision is a notable shift from the bans on blood donations from gay men that began during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.
There's a huge blood shortage in the U.S., and banks need your help. Don't let these misconceptions deter you from giving.
The U.S. is facing its worst blood shortage in a decade, but there's a significant population whose donations are still limited.
"It's impacting every patient population that we take care of," a hospital director said of shortages that have left some blood centers with less than a day's supply.
A new report examined blood donations in nine states between mid-December and January. Some showed evidence of coronavirus antibodies.