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The South Bend, Indiana, mayor and openly gay presidential candidate said he would overhaul FDA rules that ban sexually active gay men from donating blood.
Hundreds of blood drives in dozens of states were canceled as temperatures fell dangerously low this week.
Jesse Karmazin claims he can fight aging, and a lot of people want to believe him.
OneBlood, a Florida blood distribution center, has launched the search to find matching blood donors for Zainab Mughal, a two-year-old with neuroblastoma.
42 really is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.
From talking about gun control to donating blood, there's a lot we can all do.
African-Americans did – in the end – force the Red Cross to include them as donors.
From donating blood to contacting your elected representatives to support stricter gun controls, you can do something.
But what they found was strong evidence of a "honeymoon effect." God is watching over you: Are the faithful more likely to
The essence of Blood Donation is to rescue another life that may have otherwise been compromised. The most natural question
The world’s first commercial drone delivery service is in Rwanda, and it’s delivering blood. The service is operated by Zipline
In June of 2015, Abby Williams and her husband took their sweet 2-year-old son, Wyatt, to the pediatrician after a minor fall. Although their son wasn't eating or drinking as he normally does, the pediatrician wasn't too concerned. The Williams had no idea their lives would drastically change in 24 short hours.
Restrictions on donors exist to protect recipients -- travelers in some cases are also barred from blood donation. In fact
Each summer, warmer weather and outdoor activities bring joy to most, but the season also surfaces many urgent medical needs
The group is incentivizing donors with $5 Amazon gift cards.