Blood plasma

Former GOP Sen. Rick Santorum, who has a financial stake in the obscure company, lobbied senior U.S. government officials for funding.
The chief spokesperson was ousted after the head of the Food and Drug Administration had to walk back a statement about plasma therapy.
The Massachusetts Democrats requested communications between the agency and the White House to see whether the authorization was politically motivated.
The authorization comes after the FDA initially decided against approving blood plasma at the request of top health officials who cited insufficient evidence.
There were fewer deaths among people given plasma within three days of diagnosis, but researchers can't say if it was the real reason for improvement.
The famous couple both overcame coronavirus infections while in Australia.
Ambrosia founder Jesse Karmazin is in damage control mode. It's not going well.
Until this week, Ambrosia charged $8,000 for a single liter of blood plasma from young donors.
African-Americans did – in the end – force the Red Cross to include them as donors.