blood shortage

The group is incentivizing donors with $5 Amazon gift cards.
The FDA's selective ban on giving blood imparts the disparaging idea that any gay man -- even if he practices safe sex within a monogamous relationship -- should be treated as if he has a disease that remains sadly bound up with perceptions of promiscuity, drug use, shunning, and shame.
While thousands of people have responded to the recent emergency call for blood and platelet donations from the American Red Cross, right now blood products are being distributed to area hospitals almost as quickly as donations are coming in.
According to a Wednesday press release, the Red Cross has "provided more than 23,000 overnight shelter stays since Saturday
SLIDESHOW: Getting stuck with an IV may not seem appealing when you're already braving dropping temperatures and winter's
The American Red Cross reported last week that national supplies have hit a 10-year low, with more than 23,000 donations