blue angels

You could say that Pensacola is an old southern town but that would be an understatement. The first European settler was Tristan De Luna, a Spanish explorer who arrived in 1559, more than 200 years before the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Imagine.... You can eject and save yourself, living another day to see your wife and kids. Yet you don't. You stay with the
"His incredible skill kept him from crashing into a highly populated area."
The crash occurred during a practice run for a performance.
I was able to get two tickets to the game, which left me choosing between my 15-year-old son, my dad, my brother and several close friends. After thinking about it, I decided to go with the person who needed it most.
Recently a friend asked me what airlines were the safest to fly. I get asked that question all the time. I find the question challenging in part because of the chasm between risk and perceived risk.
“It just so happened that I was the first female to perform in a demo here, and if that is inspiring to people, if that's
You know when you have one of "those days" and you have to merely laugh for sheer lack of finding any other method that seems suitable for the occasion? This happened to me recently on the way to collect a donation for my future child. There, I said it.
Sexual harassment was the norm. Pornography was prolific and the giant blue and gold penis painted on a training facility could be seen from space. It finally took a bold whistleblower to come forward to reveal the misogyny and sexism that Capt. Gregory McWherter condoned and encouraged.
"What it shows is that our leadership has sent a loud and clear message that the Blue Angels are both a valuable asset for