blue lagoon

Phallological museum curator Hjotur Gisli Sigurosson (son of the museum's founder) described the penis collection as the
Let's go. Who's ready?
At around 10pm, we looked out the window and the Northern Lights were at it again! This time it was even brighter and more
2. The Hike We're making our way to Corsica through July. First stop: Iceland. Settling into Reykjavik, the country's capital
The Blue Lagoon. Selfie with a pony!   For more from Maria Rodale, visit The sun at 10:30
The Blue Lagoon is a giant, cyan-hued "swimming pool" between Comino and its even tinier offshoot island, Cominotto. The
There's nothing original about our present-day affection for the spa. People have been enjoying a communal soak for millenia, and nowhere is that more clear than at the bath so famous England named a town for it.
The Blue Lagoon was formed by accident in 1976, when water from a nearby power plant formed a pool. People realized the pool