Blue Laws

Correction: Washington state changed its liquor laws in 2012. Grocery stores measuring at least 10,000 square feet may sell
South Carolina is the only remaining state to ban Election Day sales of alcohol outright, according to the Distilled Spirits
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Also, you're not allowed to let anybody have sex in your car. Says so in black and white, right there in Section 18.2-349
Looking forward to popping into a bar after work to watch the election results roll in from across the country over a few
The fight against beers and queers is most similar in that they both encompass pitched, ongoing battles, and both issues are subject to a maddening patchwork of anachronistic laws at the state and local levels.
We need a Franklin Roosevelt, New Deal-style, bootstrapping Public Works Administration. Except it's the Porn/Private Works Administration.
Bollocks! How is that California, the crossroads of implants, spray tans and superficiality, has a leg up on the Empire State, on the possible legalization and taxation of Cannabis sativa?
Following in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt, many states are now advocating an end to what many boozers and businessmen alike deem antiquated puritanical pap. The Christian Right is not amused.