blue light

How you sit near a window when you work from home can make a huge difference in your health and productivity.
Dermatologists explain how laptop and phone screens can harm skin, even when we're indoors.
Bright LED lighting is "uniquely disruptive to human sleep."
"We thought, hey, alarm clocks should go backwards, they should tell you how many minutes until you wake up."
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Some form of postpartum depression (PPD) affects nearly one in four mothers -- roughly 950,000 women. Likely brought on by the hurricane of hormones that moves its way through a woman's body during pregnancy, PPD could also be trigged by major life trauma or some blip in genetic makeup -- any number of factors, really. One that researchers are finding more and more common: blue light.
We can't force sleep on ourselves. But we can create the ideal conditions for a long, restful night's sleep, and a comfortable morning wake up.
"We know from previous work that light from screens in the evening alters sleepiness and alertness, and suppresses melatonin