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no matter the meanders and the canyons and the harshest sun: Her natural magic cannot help No matter what others think they
Whaka Inaka, 'Causing Whitebait', is a wonderful project in Christchurch, South Island, where scientists like Shelley McMurtrie
It wasn't a hot day in summer, so I got away with wandering the beach barefoot: the black sand gets too hot in the sun and
You can thank your brainwaves. 🌊
It can however still be a lot of fun, if you go in with a smile and wait your turn and choose to enjoy the fun and beauty there is.
You have come so far, take yourself to a space where you feel safe, and let yourself rest. And celebrate wherever you are, and see the beauty around you.
Rather than switching off, when you're showering, your brain switches into a different mode -- and while the brain is in
In a section titled, "Water, Nature, and the Optimum Brain," Nichols illustrates that we now have more screens to touch, social