blue mind

of the background scenery wild and free to swim in all her glory. She knows this time of rest and play beneath the surface
Whaka Inaka, 'Causing Whitebait', is a wonderful project in Christchurch, South Island, where scientists like Shelley McMurtrie
Enjoy your little stroll on the black sand beach. There will be a short video at the end where you can see how these patterns
You can thank your brainwaves. 🌊
It can however still be a lot of fun, if you go in with a smile and wait your turn and choose to enjoy the fun and beauty there is.
You have come so far, take yourself to a space where you feel safe, and let yourself rest. And celebrate wherever you are, and see the beauty around you.
A blue mind is a creative mind. "We know that water -- being surrounded by blue space -- helps us relax, and we know that
If you don't already have a beach vacation planned, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols's new book will make you seriously