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2018's biggest supermoon will be followed at the end of January by a "super blue blood moon."
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Walk to the end of the block and on the South side find Hobos Restaurant and Bar, the creation of the very talented Gretchen
Chefchaouen, Morocco (The Blue City) Off Belize's coast in the center of Lighthouse Reef is an underwater sinkhole, believed
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I never knew the Southwest could be so fun -- and I very happily live right in sunny Phoenix. But I'm on a travel high, back to report on my findings and adventures following a recent trip to stunning Sedona.
Electronic music, misters and beach sand make for one good weekend.
I don't know how else to say this. Wiccans don't practice ritual murders. Wiccans don't practice ritual murders. Wiccans don't practice ritual murders, okay? How are we in 2015 and still trying to make this clear? I'm scratching my head over here. Okay, I lied. I'm banging it against my desk. Or at least, I was until I stopped to type you this letter.
Look up! It's the second full moon of the month.
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Although blue moons do not cast an actual blue shadow, their very existence is a symbolic celestial reminder, a message out of the blue, as it were.
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So this brings us to the Blue Moon. What is it and how does it effect us? This occurs when there are two full moons in a single month. There was a full moon July 1 and there will be one on July 31. This calendar occurrence does not happen every year.
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This month is a once-in-a-blue-moon month. Needless to say, Facebook news feeds, Instagram posts, and Twitter feeds are aglow with blurry white blobs! Tossed into the bunch are gorgeous images of the full moon, perhaps reflecting on waters or rising over a mountainside.
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Ever since Memorial Day, crowds have been coming to the beach and enjoying all Rehoboth has to offer. The one-mile boardwalk and white sandy beaches are ready and waiting.
Parent's lawsuit argues that MillerCoors actively tries to distance its name from the Blue Moon brand. The Blue Moon label
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We know you drink it, but do you really know what it is?
Here is a passage from "Dante: The Most Vivid Version," a review essay by Robert Pogue Harrison (The New York Review of Books
Today's full moon qualifies as a Blue Moon because it's the third full moon in a season with four (most seasons have only
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It is a great, inclusive community and a place where you can feel comfortable walking down the street holding hands with your partner. If you head to the very south end of the mile-long boardwalk, you can spread your towel on Poodle Beach and be surrounded by the gay community.