blue origin

"Our vision is millions of people living and working in space, and New Glenn is a very important step," said Jeff Bezos, unveiling this week his space travel company Blue Origin's giant rocket named after Astronaut John Glenn.
Founder Jeff Bezos hails the launch and landing as "perfect."
It's too early to tell but if Bezos and Musk can prove themselves to be the great creators of our generation, these undeniably demanding work environments will be validated as its own innovation, one independent of the ingenuity that gave us online shopping, electric cars and rockets to outer space.
Sincerely, After all my dear Washington, I know you have always wanted what is best for me. While I am a bit of a free spirit
In a tweet, Jeff Bezos indicated Blue Origin will not discriminate against any American, even a xenophobic demagogue.
Founder Jeff Bezos hails the historic moment as a "game changer" for space tourism.
As a nation we sometimes have to take on very high-risk-ventures whose risk-returns are not acceptable to the private sector. NASA's Apollo program is a very good example.
Bezos’ space startup, Blue Origin, intends to invest more than $200 million to build a rocket manufacturing facility adjacent to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
When New Horizons zipped by Pluto the other day, I read a comment somewhere that the oldest living person on Earth had been born before Orville and Wilbur Wright completed their first flight ... and now we've sent a spacecraft to the most distant planet in our solar system, and beyond.