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But it's not just Trump supporters, or Sanders supporters who say they'll vote for Trump because their tribe is so invested
Democratic vice presidential candidate was wearing a Blue Star lapel pin.
The Blue Star Families Neighbor award is one of the many ways the nonprofit, comprised of military spouses, is working to close the divide between the military and civilian community. It's the group's way of thanking members of the nonmilitary community for their friendship and support.
Paula Vogel's Don Juan Comes Home From Iraq continues its month long premiere run at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia through
Nailed it. Blue Star Theatres' organizers hope that Vogel's sentiments are shared by more civilians, particularly as the
military families and service members are famous for overcoming challenges, doing more with less, running in boots with packs on, moving to unfamiliar towns, being told to deploy on a moment's notice. Lead by example yet again, fellow military families.
He sharpened his SpongeBob pencil and carefully penned the following letter: "Dear Admiral McRaven, When I grow up, I want to be a SEAL too but can you tell me who is quieter -- SEALs or Ninjas? Also how long can you hold your breath for? v/r Walker Greentree."
There is no such thing as a person-less war. Our military cannot afford for Americans to forget that wars and battles and military strikes are fought by troops, that troops are people, and that those people have families.
Like lots of American families, lots of military families need two earners for financial stability and to achieve their families goals. The crises of spouse unemployment really undermines our population
Happy New Year takes a bold look at the ugly issue of veteran suicide that is affecting so many of our warriors today. When we began this project, the statistic for veteran suicides was 18 per day. As of February of this year, the number has risen to 22 per day. We can no longer ignore it.
I know some of my friends are against gay marriage. And if I'm for it then do I have to put up the little red square or some version of it? If I'm for the repeal of DOMA, do I announce it to all? Is Facebook the platform for sharing my political leanings?
Why not use our powerful community to share resources for career fields popular with military spouses? Introducing Blue Star Spouse Networks.
Should military spouses come up with a new resume format that distinguishes us, not for our geographic challenges, but for the skills that truly define us?
Pause to reflect on that for a minute: on 9/11 no one -not even those already planning war with Iraq before the attacks from
Military spouses frequently face challenges in maintaining a career. Constant moves, deployments, and the military lifestyle
The Commanding Officer's Wife means I officially have no position. I make no money. I am not on any letterhead nor am I included on matters of policy or leadership. But I do have a job. The Marine Corps gets my husband and their families get me. That's how it goes in the upper ranks of military life.
The family members themselves did not fare any better in combating mental health issues, according to the survey. It found
What do you think about this newest Facebook feature? Share your thoughts with us below! Recently, on May 1, Facebook launched
Particularly during this hum-drum economy, having glaring gaps in a resume is foolish, especially when volunteer opportunities are abundant. And I'm not alone in the belief that true volunteer work in your chosen profession is worth mentioning.