blue valentine

Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to have that special someone over for a nice bottle of wine, a delicious meal and a movie. Just probably not these movies, unless you both have a good sense of humor.
"Gravity" was visually stunning and it uncannily captured the vacuum of sound that is space, but it was also boring and felt
"About Time" may have looked like a simple rom-com about time travel. It was not, however, and something we realized after weeping through the poetic beauty of the film's father-son love story. The film got us thinking: What other movies have held the emotive power to make us tear up?
"The Land Before Time" As a child, my cinematic intake revolved almost entirely around "The Land Before Time" series. While
For excellent reason, there have been many lists compiled with the best divorce movies. I'm talking about the modern classics -- War of the Roses for it's darkly comedic take on the effects of escalating tensions.
Derek Cianfrance's The Place Beyond the Pines is a sure-handed effort from a director who proved himself capable of dramatizing difficult human emotions in Blue Valentine.
When the crash comes, the police officer involved is Avery Cross. Just 6 months on the job, he hasn't learned to take things
And speaking of the magical world of Disney: On his accent: On his hordes of fans: On the girl we wish he would marry: On
By Christy Lemire, AP Movie Critic LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones play a longtime married couple who've
When Ryan Gosling isn't saving lives, looking at us from behind those smoldering baby blues or defending animal rights, he
After all, Matilda already inspires all of her mother's other films. When Michelle Williams accepted the Golden Globe for
Both are flaxen-haired, beautiful, and have had their personal ups and downs dominate headlines. But what is the most striking similarity between Michelle Williams and Marilyn Monroe?
Luckily, things began to turn around; there was the offer to play the iconic Marilyn Monroe, and the exciting break that
Still, we're very excited about the film, as it sees the reunion of Gosling and his "Blue Valentine" director Derek Ciafrance
Say this for Ryan Gosling: he knows what he likes. And right now, Hollywood really, really likes him. WATCH: This won't be
According to the report, Gosling will play a pro motorcyclist who becomes a thief to support his son, while Cooper will take
Those are all good things -- "Brokeback Mountain," "Blue Valentine," and "Meek's Cutoff," among others have all been critically
Now, he's beginning production on "Logan's Run," and just signed on to re-team with his "Blue Valentine" director Derek Cianfrance
For more on "The Place Beyond The Pines," click over to Variety. As for Cooper, he's set to rock the world once again with
Perhaps. But they were also seen getting awfully close at an Oscars after party on Sunday, according to E! Online, as evidenced