blue whales

The biggest animals on the planet like you've never seen them before.
Krill are the basis of the food chain: without them, there would be no penguins, seals or blue whales. One blue whale alone needs to eat 40 million krill a day to survive! However, those creatures are having a much harder time finding food because of the krill oil rush that Dr. Oz helped spark.
Now a new study reveals why ocean-going ships pose such a big threat to the whales: the gentle giants simply don't know how
From The Great Australian Bight to Lake Macquarie, NSW, the race to destroy sealife to extract more climate disrupting oil and gas has reached a diabolical frenzy.
"Nobody wants to hit these fabulous animals," said Main, adding that the program was a way to reward shippers willing to
Among a wide range of potential harms, scientists have found that high-powered Navy sonar disrupts blue whale feeding, halting their deep-foraging dives, displacing them from krill patches, and silencing their calls.
Michael's jump into the Sea of Cortez to save Valentina was symbolic of his frustration at the current situation that these majestic animals face, his way of appealing to all of us to do our bit and speak up for the whales to our appropriate agencies and governments.
Each year 200 million tons of coal - stripped from the East Kalimantan rainforests - has irreparably destroyed this province impoverishing the biodiversity and the abundance of all life forms.
The team, led by Sascha Usenko, a environmental scientist at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, extracted an earplug from
Captain Dave Anderson described the dolphins' actions as "surfing." H/T: msnNOW This one is extra special. Though it is out
At first, your eyes wander near and far in an attempt to take in the enormity of the creature. Then, a voice in your head screams, having realized that you're in the presence of the largest animal that's ever lived.
Getting ensnared in fishing gear was the leading cause of death across all species, killing 323 whales, while vessel strikes
(Reporting by Pauline Askin; Editing by Jeremy Laurence) Double said despite growing up to 33 meters (108 feet) long, blue
There's still time to see one of the greatest shows on Earth. And it's not far, particularly if you live near Long Beach, CA (or another ocean-front city). The largest animal on the planet, the Blue Whale, is frolicking in the waters off Southern California.
Ken Stagnaro, a co-owner of a whale watching business in Santa Cruz, told the Associated Press that his business has doubled
The Obama administration has been fast-tracking Shell's dangerous drilling plan, while paying remarkably little attention to the ecological fears it raises and the potential devastation a major spill or spills would cause to the native peoples of the north.
PALOS VERDES -- Dozens of giant blue whales are putting on a show along the Southern California coast and whale watchers
Whale watchers in Southern California have been delighted this year with the spectacle of blue whales turning up close to
After hearing about the extraordinaire amount of blue whales feeding off coast this year, Heal the Bay's staff, including