The origin story goes back a millennium.
No headphone jack on the iPhone 7? No problem at all! 2016 has certainly offered some great (but super-expensive) wireless headphones. There is the Bose QC 35 Wireless, the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless, and Sony's best wireless headphones to date, the Hear.on Wireless NC.
When hearing people think about exciting new technologies for those who are deaf, their minds most likely jump to the latest developments in cochlear implants or hearing aids.
According to Lamar, his Ropes are the first Bluetooth earbuds with a built-in EQ and EQ smartphone app which allows for the
The makers of the device want to take on the scourge of drowsy driving.
Vigo tracks your eyes and head motion for signs of drowsiness. Vigo stimulates you when you're going down, with a combination of sound, music, light, or audio alerts.
Headphones have become as much a part of today's fashion as hats were in the 1930s and appear in various styles - - - wireless, wired, Bluetooth, NFC, in-ear, over-ear and on-ear.
Certified pre-owned (CPO) cars are becoming more and more attractive with new car-like financing rates, long warranties and
Confronted with ever more complex gadgetry and virtual reality accessories that are harder and harder to operate? You may
Beacon technology, currently used in some parks, museums, retail stores and restaurants, has failed to gain any meaningful traction in the last few years. It's a familiar feeling to me because it is reminiscent of a time in 2010 when marketers and advertisers rushed to implement a QR code strategy for their business.