It's incapable of measuring the most important health markers.
The DOJ's wisdom to let the agreements stand in the face of immense pressure by anticompetitive monopolists proves the ongoing need for the consent decrees.
First you need to take a look at what you are eating and see if you are eating a well balanced diet. Often times people crave
Curing grave illness, last-minute rescues and extreme weight loss inspire the imagination. Preventing disease, avoiding risk
"Ever since I can remember, I've been a 'bigger girl,' and I'm completely fine with that."
McNay has been a Huffington Post contributor since 2008 and his insights have appeared in hundreds of publications, including
Never mind what you thought you knew about body mass index.
Waist circumference can't tell us much about health on its own.
The metabolic price of disrupted internal clocks is called Chronobesity, and I suspect we'll learn lots more about circadian rhythms and weight control in the years to come.
Millions of obese Americans are metabolically healthy, while many "normal" weight Americans aren't.
Once again, the importance of sleep comes at us, demonstrating that pulling all-nighters in the office, being praised for getting by on little sleep, and yawning our way through life simply isn't healthy.
The "normal weight" range isn't the healthiest for every person.
In March, ASCAP announced that it was the first PRO in the world to report $1 billion in revenues. The nonprofit boasted