“We need to attend more to the positive side of life," the lead researcher says.
In case you missed it, the Center for Science in the Public Interest ― with a long and illustrious history of doing just
Not relevant? Pass? With no guidance, here is some speculation on what might have motivated the decisions. Perhaps the journals
I was recently given the invitation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI
Conventional wisdom is made to be challenged -- that, in fact, is what science is for. Science never rests, and those of us who profess devotion to it are obligated to move with it. But spitting convention in the eye is probably another matter.
Why did it take decades for this fraudulent study to be retracted?
For now, the cow can be dietary guidelines. In fact, the placement of cows, and milk for that matter, in dietary guidance is at the heart of current discord- and we are all well advised to wonder: who holds the bucket?
This commentary is not authoritative. It is not a counterweight. It is, at best, a paperweight. I am sorry to say its prominent placement on your editor's desk redounds to your discredit.
What I can remember about my mother's death from breast cancer certainly does not reflect Dr. Smith's romantic view of dying.
Three doctors from New Zealand designed the marriage experiment -- published in the tongue-in-cheek Christmas issue of the