Watch as the daredevil leaps from one high-speed vessel to another after the driver had fallen overboard.
The trio was rescued from the boat more than 200 miles off Delaware after setting sail from North Carolina.
Corion Evans, 16, jumped into the river around 2:30 a.m. Sunday after he saw a car drive off the I-10 boat launch.
A drone boat in a Category 4 storm has its fair share of ups and downs.
The Austin Police Department said an electric boat rented by four people got stuck on the dam without enough power to get free.
Seven people were pulled from the waves, including three who drowned.
The backlog of boats is clearly visible from space.
Many people wondered if the boat was jealous of the attention being given to the giant cargo ship wedged in Egypt’s Suez Canal.
Glen and Dana Fritzler of Truth Aquatics are basing their case on the law used by the company that operated the Titanic.
As many as 13 passengers were seriously injured and the stern was cracked.