boat people

It hasn't been easy growing up with the status of refugee. There were so many images of us--so many unflattering images--that
Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning composer Vân-Ánh Võ premieres her new musical epic this month in San Francisco, inspired by the experiences of the Vietnamese Boat People.
“It is very dangerous to leave, but I prefer it to living here in the camp.”
The biggest news of the world--bigger than the US Open, bigger than the treaty with Iran, bigger than the economic melt-down ongoing in China--is this: the refugee crisis. If you haven't been watching it, if you haven't been reading about it, you most probably are spending your time twiddling your fingers in a cave.
When I had no safety at home, when food was scarce and my life seemed impossibly violent and out of control, you became President. You instilled a belief in me that moral leadership will win.
After years of civil war in Darfur, hundreds of villages have been destroyed, 400,000 have died, and 2.2 million are now permanently displaced. Many are still facing starvation and ongoing violence.
A young boy carrying plates of shrimp by one of the IDP camps, May 25, 2015 in Sittwe, Myanmar. (Jonas Gratzer/Getty Images
SYDNEY -- In what could be a framework for ASEAN, the EU has put forward an agenda for the resettlement of 20,000 migrants.
A majority of Rohingya Muslims live in Rakhine, a Buddhist majority state in western Myanmar. The group says its members
"We have to prevent loss of life," he tweeted. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Jeffrey Pool told The Associated Press Thursday