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Like many children of the '80s, I grew up watching the show and Barker's closing message made an impression on me because, like most kids, I loved animals. But it was something else that Bob Barker did that had a profound impact on me.
Wow, that's a lot of Plinko. On Monday, April 7, "The Price Is Right" celebrated its 8,000th episode. Since starting its
Bob Barker joined HuffPost Live on Nov. 7 to discuss how he defines success, his fulfilling life and promoting animal welfare
Pat Sajak is always on top of his game. The Emmy award-winning Wheel of Fortune game show host knows how to please an audience (sporting those boyish good looks and charming his audience with his quick wit and effervescent smile). And he's never met a contestant he didn't like. Okay, only two in 31 years. That fact alone may just keep him from being perfect.
Bob Barker talks with HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd about how he's kept in such great shape all these years, but the famed
How did you become such an advocate for animal rights? I am one of millions of people who was just born with a deep love
Barker, 89, footed the nearly $1 million bill to bring the elephants on the 50-hour truck journey from Canada’s Toronto Zoo
For more information and how to help, go to PETA's website here. "[There is also evidence of] an employee who called Native
Check out the painting in all its glory and some more weird eBay auctions below: Barker, age 88, hosted "The Price Is Right
Drew Carey feels "really bad" that Bob Barker wasn't invited to appear on Tuesday's "The Price Is Right" 40th Anniversary
Until now. "I literally had six cans of Red Bull," Paul said of his younger self. "Obviously." The much-younger Aaron Paul
Lewis, who obsessively goes over his new material before hitting the stage and winging it, found himself distracted by his
Ed Stewart, co-founder of the the Performing Animals Welfare Society, called for the United States to join the ranks of countries
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I don't care if he's married. I don't care if he's over 50. I don't care if he's a curmudgeon. I don't even care if his eyebrows enter a room five minutes before the rest of him. Andy Rooney's the guy for me.
With this issue at hand, the Obama administration's new website accepting petitions may be able to help. If a petition reaches
Read more on Dumb As A Blog For instance, bar code tattoos are played out and Bob Barker isn't the best celebrity to memorialize
Celebrities including Matt Damon, Hayden Panettiere, Tommy Lee, and Pamela Anderson have all similarly criticized SeaWorld
Celebrated The Price is Right icon and passionate animal advocate Bob Barker told Toronto on Friday that it's time for the city's zoo elephants to pack up their trunks and journey south.
Last week, I spent a week aboard The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's vessels after they successfully shut down Japanese whaling operations in the southern ocean whale sanctuary -- a victory 7 years in the making.