bob casey

The shutdown is wreaking havoc on prisons across the country.
Carmela Apolonio Hernandez escaped Mexico with her family after her brother and two nephews were gunned down by gang members.
Trump rescinded his White House invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles after most players planned to boycott the visit.
DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Senate Democrats are calling for Senator Al Franken’s resignation from Congress amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment.
John Kelly just keeps carrying out some of the president's most controversial policies.
It would prohibit airlines from dragging you off a flight. Hopefully.
These volunteers realized they had taken Hillary Clinton for granted.
Not that much stands between America and the Trumpocalypse.
For those readers who weren't alive (or old enough) to experience the 1960s, this week we had somewhat of a history lesson, packaged as a Democratic debate. Part of why this happened is that the Democratic presidential campaign has entered into a "convince the minority voters" phase.