Bob Dudley

BP is humiliated by rare rejection of "say on pay" proposal.
They must pay their debt to society -- and they cannot be let off the hook simply because they have the resources to run a PR campaign on their own behalf.
As for the rebuilt islands, he said "we've visited these sites by boat and plane and they've been full of bird life. But
Any potential government deal must take BP's checkered past into account, and will likely be harshly criticized if it is
The anonymous message, written by someone claiming to be a "BP employee," asserts that a senior BP official received cash
Well, if there's one thing Dudley can do, right now, to bring a renewed sense of peace and calm to the Gulf Coast region
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When it comes to building climates of fear, nothing beats the way BP inhibited the work of reporters with the full force of spooky clampdown tactics.
Dudley also thanked the British government for its "stalwart support" in the face of harsh attacks from U.S. lawmakers during
The U.K.'s Guardian reports that Hayward feels he's been "demonized" in the U.S. He also commented that he may be "too busy