Bob Herbert

Losing Our Way is a book that will resonate with many thoughtful Americans who feel, like the author, that America has lost her way in this last half-century. That would be most Americans, actually: Two-thirds of the American public tell pollsters they feel the country is on "the wrong track."
As Bob Herbert tells us, we have lost our way. Our elected officials dream no big dreams. They have little or no concept of major public works programs to rebuild our nation's infrastructure, which would put millions of people to work and invigorate our economy.
Author Bob Herbert found an America in which jobs have disappeared, infrastructure is falling apart and the "virtuous cycle" of well-paid workers spending their wages to power the economy has been broken by greed and the gap between the very rich and everyone else.
Miles: "The AFL-CIO Convention was a very interesting case in point. The AFL has long had the reputation of an exclusive
When Bill Keller stepped down as New York Times executive editor to write columns, the big news was obviously Jill Abramson's
2011-09-08-tavis.jpgThis evening, I spoke with former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert in advance of President Obama's address on jobs Thursday night.
Maddow began the segment by running through a long list of stories that the scandal was crowding out, and she brought on
Former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert has joined the think tank Demos, the organization announced Tuesday night. Herbert
The honor of a prize for those "who speak truth to power" is ironically unfortunate. The need to speak such truth at all, to illustrate how selfish profit motives too frequently take precedence over the health care needs of real people, remains a tragedy.
Saturday was Bob Herbert's last column for The New York Times. The Times, the world of journalism, and all of us who want to make the world a better place, are the poorer for it.
No one will replace Bob Herbert at the Times, and that is our great loss, for his kind of journalism is a rarity. But, we will be watching and waiting to see what this journalists' journalist -- and our friend -- comes up with.
In a message to staffers, Herbert said that "for some time now I have grown eager to move beyond the constriction of the
The failures in American education are due to fundamental aspects of American society -- our religiosity, spirituality, and irrationality, and our failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream.
The deficit report put out by the commission's co-chairs, Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles, had one striking omission. It
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Seniors embody a vast reservoir of skills, talent and wisdom that we gratuitously salute but do not harness for productive roles. How can seniors save American education and insure a 21st century-ready workforce?
& Thank you to a new Facebook friend who just brought to my attention Rudolf Arnheim's essay Entropy and Art: An Essay on
The GOP have genuine disdain for the underclass. The truly sad part is that they've brainwashed poor Republicans into going along with their scheme to permanently quarantine the undesirables.