Bob Iger

The "Gilmore Girls" alum also said he barely gets any residuals from the WB series, even though it's a hit on Netflix.
“If I were [Disney] ... I would lock him behind doors and never let him talk to anybody about this," said Drescher, who leads the actors union now on strike.
Speaking at a gathering of millionaires and billionaires, Bob Iger complained that the strikes were “disruptive,” calling writers’ and actors’ demands “not realistic.”
"Does the state want us to invest more, employ more and pay more taxes or not?" the Disney CEO told investors on the company's earnings call.
Disney CEO Bob Iger on Monday said any retaliatory actions by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are not only “anti-business ... but anti-Florida.”
The "Senior Year" star told Drew Barrymore that a phone call decided "if it was meant to be."
“While this is necessary to address the challenges we’re facing today, I do not make this decision lightly,” CEO Bob Iger said.
Disney said Bob Chapek, who succeeded Iger in 2020, had stepped down from the position.
Bob Iger explained his stance, saying, "it's about right and wrong."
"If y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated," Julian Bass tweeted. It worked.