Bob Johnson

In the weeks since his election Trump's done absolutely nothing to change the perception that his administration will be
Robert L. Johnson is an American success story by any measure. Born in Mississippi and raised in Middle America, Johnson made a name for himself in the nation's capitol and ascended to the heights of big city capitalism on his own terms.
In the days following her arrest, Johnson changed her story, telling police she had given Gabriel away to strangers in San
To see a video of his comments, visit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Johnson apologized for his remarks in a statement
But what does it take to achieve a long lasting piece and a line that stands the test of time? A connection with the consumer and quality material. Two very basic fundamentals I believe Brett Johnson Co has mastered.
It has been nearly seven years since the death of Ebony magazine founder John H. Johnson and nearly three decades since I sat in his exquisitely paneled office as he quizzed me on the rudiments of operating a successful business as well as the inner secrets of wealth creation.
High-profile Hillary Clinton supporter Bob Johnson is apologizing to Barack Obama for comments he made last week regarding
Certainly Senator Obama understands he is black, but he also understands that he need not be limited or defined by his race. For many black Americans, on the other hand, we're still learning that lesson.
Matthews like so many other yakking heads has gorged off the Hillary loathe industry. The industry has been by far the biggest growth industry in recent American politics.