Bob Marshall

With the government backpedaling on their rights, more trans candidates are running for office.
These diverse candidates deserve the support of all who wish to make positive change for all Americans.
"I don't think they have the competence to do this," he said. "Unless they can come back with better regulations next year
A small group composed of CEOs, conservationists, funders and advisors recently unplugged from technology and headed into the wilderness.
A quiet revolution is happening that has, for the most part, gone under-reported.
Lawmakers passed the bill by a 65-32 vote, setting up the possibility of a clash with Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), who has questioned
"You're talking about human beings being killed," he said. "What higher considerations do I put out there?" Republican leaders
"For example, I might amend a bill that deals with life insurance to say the child killed in utero should be recognized as
When asked directly whether his opposition was solely because of his sexuality, Marshall said, "No. Sorry, you’re mischaracterizing
Marshall, currently running for U.S. Senate in the state's Republican primary against likely nominee George Allen, has made