bob mcdonnell scandal

Is United States v. McDonnell going to be another Citizens Union disaster? The Supreme Court is poised to answer that question soon. For those persons who believe that public corruption, influence peddling, and pay-to-play are bad for democracy and bad for good government, they should be very worried.
RICHMOND, Va., Jan 13 (Reuters) - A federal judge on Tuesday rejected former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell's request
"A price must be paid," Spencer said. "Unlike Pontius Pilate, I can't wash my hands of it all. A meaningful sentence must
So, that happened: Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R) career as a professional defendant has finished its first big story arc, with he and wife Maureen being convicted of 20 counts of corruption between them.
Oxymorons ever so slightly screw with accepted realities. They slam the right combination of the wrong words together in such a way that they open up whole new lines of thought.
During five days on the witness stand, McDonnell insisted that he had only performed routine courtesies for Williams. He
"The most that the government can show, granting it the benefit of all reasonable inferences, is that Mr. McDonnell facilitated
"It was puzzling," Piscitelli said. Matt Conrad, McDonnell's deputy chief of staff, said aides were worried that if some
"That's fucked up. How do those two live with themselves?" Stewart asked on Thursday night's "Daily Show." "I guess it's
Federal authorities have charged the McDonnells with 14 counts of corruption and bribery for taking $165,000 in gifts and