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Is United States v. McDonnell going to be another Citizens Union disaster? The Supreme Court is poised to answer that question soon. For those persons who believe that public corruption, influence peddling, and pay-to-play are bad for democracy and bad for good government, they should be very worried.
By Gary Robertson In their request for bond, McDonnell's lawyers had argued that he was not a danger to society or a flight
"A price must be paid," Spencer said. "Unlike Pontius Pilate, I can't wash my hands of it all. A meaningful sentence must
So, that happened: Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R) career as a professional defendant has finished its first big story arc, with he and wife Maureen being convicted of 20 counts of corruption between them.
Oxymorons ever so slightly screw with accepted realities. They slam the right combination of the wrong words together in such a way that they open up whole new lines of thought.
Niamtu said the former first lady was a nervous person, always biting her fingernails and concerned about her lack of privacy
The former governor's lawyers also said the government had failed to prove that McDonnell made a false statement on a TowneBank
To win a conviction, prosecutors must convince the jury that the governor took official acts to help Williams. Attorneys
"That's fucked up. How do those two live with themselves?" Stewart asked on Thursday night's "Daily Show." "I guess it's
Maureen McDonnell, wife of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), told Ann Romney that a drug from the company run by the
They said the McDonnells were barely talking when they accepted gifts, which meant they could not have conspired. Defense
For those unfamiliar with the vagaries of the case, The Washington Post has a November 2013 rundown of the prosecution's
Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made a $10,000 personal donation to embattled former Virginia Gov
Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and his wife, Maureen, were indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday on a combined 14 counts related to public corruption stemming from thousands of dollars in gifts and loans received from a top political donor. They could both face prison time.
"Bob is screaming about the thousands I'm charging up in credit card debt," she allegedly wrote in an email to Williams. "We
Earlier this month, McDonnell acknowledged the scandal during his final State of the Commonwealth address, saying he was
The reforms, a legislative outgrowth of the ongoing gift investigations of Gov. Bob McDonnell, include: --Requiring elected
Federal prosecutors told Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell last week that he and his wife would be charged in connection
Thanks to Virginia's Reconstruction-era rule in its state constitution, governors can only serve one term. With his four
The storm response fit nicely into Christie’s story line that he was leading a bipartisan “New Jersey comeback” from the