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"The most that the government can show, granting it the benefit of all reasonable inferences, is that Mr. McDonnell facilitated
In July, McDonnell said his family had repaid more than $123,000 in loans to Williams and apologized for the embarrassment
A spokesman for the governor did not immediately respond to a request for comment. McDonnell told WTOP radio that he was
The Virginia attorney general defended himself Wednesday to reporters. "I'm the one who held a press conference and said
"I have begun to look at what some of those changes might be that I might recommend to the General Assembly going forward
An indication of the breadth of those inquiries came to light recently when Del. David Ramadan, R-Loudoun, acknowledged that
The governor has acknowledged that he stayed at the Roanoke, Virginia, home of the campaign donor, Jonnie Williams, and drove
The FBI has begun looking at the relationship between Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and the chief executive of a nutritional supplements manufacturer that is the subject of an investigation, two people with knowledge of the review said.
"With the goal of a completely open and honest government, Cuccinelli supports any effort to close existing loopholes regarding