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Parents and educators around the world are recognizing the benefits of meditation for children. We speak to Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation and Sonia Sequeira, Neuroscientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, about why this is more than a trend.
I recently got a chance to meet up with Bob Roth, Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation at their New York offices. I spoke to Bob about his Transcendental Meditation journey, as well as the wonderful work of the foundation.
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Meditation has also transformed the corporate culture at Bridgewater. Dalio pays for half of the fees for any employee who's
"Meditation... allows any individual to access a level of calm deep within that's already there," Bob Roth, Executive Director
I wrote after first meeting Joey that any attempt to accurately express the significance of what had transpired is futile
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Meditation guru Bob Roth joins Nancy to explain the benefits of meditation.