Bob Schieffer

“I think he grew tired of me being the guy who told him, ‘You can’t do that,’” said the former secretary of state.
PUMAs, for those who have forgotten the 2008 Democratic primary race, were the supposedly-numerous Hillary Clinton supporters who refused to back Barack Obama. The name stood for "Party Unity My Ass!" which was also their rallying cry. This year, they may be replaced by the "Bernie Or Bust!" crowd, or (to coin a neologism) the BOBs.
Diverting his attention from tossing verbal hand grenades at Republican rivals Dr. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, real estate mogul and reality TV show host Donald Trump directed his latest salvo at President Obama.
While the news business has changed dramatically over the past six decades, there is much for all journalists to learn from Bob Schieffer's remarkable career. He hosted presidents and world leaders. He asked tough questions, but was never confrontational. He never wanted to be the story; he just wanted to cover the news.
You can watch Schieffer's full goodbye in the video or read a transcription here. "I'm going to miss being in the middle
I was washing my hands in the bathroom at the Newseum in Washington D.C. when I met CBS News' Bob Schieffer. I was so awkward and nervous. A broadcasting legend was next to me (an aspiring journalist) washing his hands and I had the opportunity to talk with him.
Recently announced presidential candidate Rand Paul, who also appeared on "Face The Nation" on Sunday, is selling a similar
Reince Priebus Gives Bob Schieffer the 'Clinton E-Mail Files'
Other candidates reportedly considered for the position were CBS chief White House correspondent Major Garrett and "CBS This
Decades as a reporter and editor -- and now as a college instructor -- have installed a well-calibrated BS-detector in my brain. It was not going off.
When the Secretary of Defense reiterates "no boots on the ground," military families don't breathe a sigh of relief alongside the rest of America. We know too much. Whether the Pentagon calls it a combat mission or boots on the ground won't matter much to those doing the job and wearing the boots.
To understand this you could hardly do better than watch CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer's country club invocation of former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir this week to suggest Palestinians are forcing Israel to kill their children.
That second character was in evidence on Sunday, when Schieffer offered this take on the ongoing violence in Gaza. (h/t FAIR
The CBS News host warned viewers on Sunday's "Face the Nation" that selfies are becoming downright "dangerous." He noted
I ask, though, how "free" are we now as mining, oil and lumber companies lobby to exploit the land, and as legislators grant corporations enormous tax breaks and subsidies?
There is absolutely no danger of Meet The Press being cancelled. The show will go on. Sooner or later, though -- after exhausting all possible format gimmicks -- the higher-ups at NBC may finally realize they chose the wrong guy to host it when Russert died.
Bob Schieffer's followup questions to Rogers were: David Gregory's followup questions to Rogers and Feinstein were: Snowden
It's only a matter of time until the NSA capability begins targeting the left in this country, if it has not already. J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Helms did it in the 1960s and 1970s. There are no real safeguards in place that would prevent it from happening again.