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Watch the video above. "The Common Core was written by state education superintendents and local principals. In my state
On Tuesday, Jindal showed his strategy for straddling the politics of the divide -- but also the political risks of doing
The administration's response to the suit did not focus on its allegations. “The most important thing is that children in
Still, the survey found that respondents were more likely to express support for the ideas behind the standards when the
For the last four years, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has championed the set of learning benchmarks known as the Common Core State Standards -- but a simmering mess of litigation in the state's court system shows that Jindal has moved as far away from his previous position as he can.
In some Louisiana parishes, school will begin as early as three weeks from now, and teachers still don't know what material
Jindal previously described himself as a "strong supporter" of the Common Core. He was part of a group of governors who helped