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The musical duo of Tuck and Patti have been performing together for nearly 38 years. I met them at a Bobby McFerrin concert 35 years ago before they were married. I worked for their first management company, A-Train management, and traveled to Jordan and Egypt with them for a command performance for Queen Noor's surprise birthday party.
Marcus is on a lot of tracks on my last album Early Riser and we've been working together pretty closely on my new one, so
Bad moods are inevitable. We all have them, but we don't have to let them get the best of us. Although we eventually snap out of them, we don't have to wait it out. Here are 13 ways to quickly kick a rotten mood before it ruins your day.
1. Be a Kid -- Sprinkle and Stretch Look at that photo of Charlie and Cuie. Take a few seconds to remember a time when you
Once again, Conan O'Brien has caught local newscasters saying the exact same lame joke. In this case, they're telling their
"There isn't much hiding the heartbreak in this song," Diane explains. "It's about the point of knowing how bad the blow is gonna be but hoping you can just stall reality." Check out the premiere of the track "Tell Me Tomorrow" from the upcoming record.
"If you want to be a band, a rocker, a guy that can play music and jam with other people and be a real musician, then you've just got to go play as much as you can in front of as many people as you can any time, anywhere and live and breathe it. Put your head down and keep on swinging."
“I’m still a very quiet guy, and I love the Scriptures,” McFerrin said, adding that he reads the Bible through over and over
Vocalist Bobby McFerrin joins Marc and Alicia to discuss his 1988 hit song 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'.
Omega talks with Bobby McFerrin about music, spirituality, and the joy of play. "I think play and joy and feeling good deserve more of our time. I don't see why adults are supposed to grow out of those things."