Bobby Rush

“They even had the unmitigated gall to make coffee for themselves and to pop popcorn -- my popcorn, in my microwave," said Rep. Bobby Rush.
Robert Emmons Jr. is running for Congress in Illinois, challenging stereotypes about shootings in his hometown and seeking to unseat Democrat Bobby Rush.
Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Illinois) described the pain of his son's shooting death, saying he never wants to hear a mother's primal scream of pain again. He and other Democrats took over the House floor to demand votes on gun legislation in the wake of the Orlando massacre.
It will take rediscovering the audacity of Harold Washington, Jr. to reverse this mentality.
What remains endlessly hinted at about the 2016 presidential race, but not fully articulated, is that something enormous -- bigger than politics, bigger than America itself, perhaps -- is trembling and kicking just below the surface, struggling to emerge.
“Crack cocaine and the crime bill were the true worst problems that the black community has suffered through in the last 50 years."
It's not about "political correctness" (in the context of current Mississippi politics, supporting the inclusion of the Rebel standard on the state flag is the politically "correct" thing to do). It's about moral correctness; it's about historical correctness; it's about common decency.
The bill could give the federal government a role in reshaping the way the NCAA treats college athletes.
Ever hear of Oscar DePriest? He made history a hundred years ago Monday. Few today remember him, but a hundred years ago, on April 6, 1915, Oscar DePriest made history, becoming the first African-American elected alderman in Chicago.
Newcomer Dylan Gardner's latest video is for "Too Afraid To Love You," one of the key tracks from his album Adventures in Real Time.
Were it not the political lightning rod that it has become, many more Americans would have a much clearer understanding about the ACA's wide breadth and how some of the law's policy changes will benefit them and their loved ones.
"Science denial will not solve the problem," they wrote. Nor is climate change a threat that the Obama administration dreamed
Rush has been a member of Congress representing Illinois' 1st District since 1993. He took a leave of absence from Congress
"Listen, all these kids here with a piece, I'd written a line in a song on my last record about "Kids with Uzis, ice suckers, Death is a always thing." You can't get away from that mess. Whatever the kids got, the adults put them in their hands. They don't know what the hell they're doing, the kids."
“That’s a charge, Newt," Rush said. "That doesn’t hold water." A little more than one week after George Zimmerman was found
On my Mississippi Delta book tour for The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu I met people working together to develop a blues tourism industry with the potential to economically rescue the Delta -- the poorest region in our nation.
"They say that so-called twelve-bar stuff is the black man's blues and country western of that day was the white man's blues, but there's a very thin line between the two musics. Only difference is the beat, and the bars to some extent, but the stories of happiness, sadness, being lonesome. All that was the same."
If you haven't paid a visit to the Mississippi Delta yet, plan one now to this starkly beautiful, richly musical place. You'll thank me as you roll down 61, with cotton fields fanning out on either side under an impossibly wide blue sky.
Walsh's criticism of the first lady attending the Pendleton service is not the first time the Tea Party favorite has lashed