body after baby

I have a lot of resentments regarding things I didn't know about pregnancy, labor, birth, and recovery. There is some seriously wacky shit that goes on with our bodies!
I was introduced to spinning very briefly about a year ago and recalled it being a good workout (good, as in, it looks more like fun than work), although apparently my memory omitted a few things.
"We don’t revere and honor bodies that have done the work of wonders, growing a human!"
Before I got pregnant, I spent more than a decade dieting, picking apart my every flaw and obsessing over my jean size. But now, as my daughter celebrates her first birthday, I'm happier than ever with my body. Yes, even the stretch marks.
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“Haven’t we all seen those pictures of a sexy new mom in a bikini after one month?" she said in the interview. "I will not
Harshe chronicled the phenomenon on her personal blog, and asked her fellow parents to "take back" the word postpartum and