body cameras

Many departments have rules that limit accountability and transparency, according to a new report.
Research suggests body cameras have made no difference in police behavior in Washington, D.C., leading some to question their worth.
“Get out of here!" a police officer shouts at concertgoers. "Go that way!"
A police officer accidentally recorded himself planting drugs at a crime scene, then “rediscovering” the stash.
Police body cam footage contradicts the information he was originally provided, Chief Jonathan Haber says.
Axon will offer law enforcement agencies free body cameras and service for a year.
The technology could ensure officers have fewer opportunities to make mistakes ― and fewer excuses to violate policy.
Jurors should be told to question any police testimony involving incidents that should have been recorded but weren't, according to a new report.
This video is a perfect example of what's wrong in America today that they are protesting. So I thank you for sending it as a reminder of that fact.
By Sarah Breitenbach   Last month police in Charlotte, North Carolina, shot an African-American man and then sat on the footage