Body Positivity

Brands like Spanx and Kim Kardashian's Skims are banking on guys wanting to slim down with compression underwear. Will men bite?
“This woman’s organs are not doing ok,” one social media user said of the controversial outfit.
The “Sex and the City” actor opened up about her childhood relationship with food — and how she’s raising her daughters differently.
Anti-fat bias is prevalent throughout our society, from how we think about food and exercise to the words we say.
And what parents can do to encourage a healthy relationship with their body and food.
If any of these sound familiar, you're certainly not alone. Here's what therapists recommend.
“Today, I realized I will never look like this again,” the 31-year-old singer shared alongside a photo of her younger self in a bikini.
"I was an ocean away from anyone who’d made fun of my body ... so I tried to psych myself up for this new adventure."
For all the strides we’ve made talking about body positivity and calling out fat-shaming, the pandemic made it clear that fat bodies are still seen as expendable and undesirable.