Body Positivity

"Yes, big boobs come with baggage. But despite it all, there’s so much to adore about being a busty woman."
If you've got C-cup or larger-sized breasts, chances are it feels like you permanently have a toddler attached to your body, and like most demanding children, they dominate your whole life. Oh yeah, you can fill out a sweater like it's nobody's business, and you certainly get male eyes on you, but with your giant ta-tas comes a life of watching your boobs pop out of bras, shirts and dresses like they're rampaging bulls on the streets of Pamplona.
"I spent three hours in awe watching these huge creatures sleep, eat and play."
Spears drew backlash for an Instagram post claiming the only way to “look thin” is to “hang out with fat people.”
Bebe Rexha isn’t letting society’s expectations of beauty hold her back. And neither is Lizzo, Tess Holliday, Jameela Jamil and others.
"Reaction videos began to pop up, featuring people who were incredibly unhappy with my appearance ― to put it mildly.”
"As a fat person, even if I had access to swimwear that fit me, I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t think I could swim in public ever again."
“I was already starving myself,” the “Yellowjackets” star said of her experience on the set of the 2000 film.
HuffPost blogger Brittany Gibbons joins us to share her story of overcoming negative body image and increasing intimacy with her husband.
Diabetes UK ambassador Jack Anderson shares how it felt to realise his “healthy” eating habits were wreaking damage on his body.