Body Positivity

The seven-time Grammy winner spoke to Vogue about hating her body as a teen — and how she learned to embrace her perceived flaws with time.
The actor, singer and and body diversity advocate is giving a star-making performance in "Kimberly Akimbo," an unconventional new musical.
You can expect your child to be critical of their image at some point, but that doesn't mean you have to accept it.
The “Avatar” star also said that when she was in acting school, she was told to settle for “fat girl” roles.
Don't let social media fool you: There's nothing wrong with having 'hip dips' or ‘violin hips.'
Zanab Jaffrey said in the reunion special for the Netflix show that Cole Barnett made “daily comments about my face and my body.”
The "For the Night" singer has previously spoken out about the importance of embracing her sexuality.
"The suit spoke of a confidence I’d always wanted to own. Of moxie. Even of fantasy."
"There are long, awkward pauses in conversation when I explain to some new acquaintances that yes, I do model."
The term stems from a controversial comment made by Yolanda Hadid and proves we could all benefit from checking our language before we talk to kids about food.