Body Positivity

The talk show host wrote about why, at 54, she's happier than ever.
You can't control your child's size, but you can be their ally and their advocate in a fatphobic world.
The "Twilight" actor addressed a series of disparaging remarks about his appearance — and they were nothing less than brutal.
“I’m not trying to be thin,” the pop star proclaimed.
“I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me,” Fox told Sports Illustrated.
"I keep smiling as I watch people recover from the shock of ... me. They don’t even realize that I am making the moment comfortable — for them."
The singer gave herself high praise in a viral Instagram message.
The pop star told fans on Instagram that the negative comment left her in tears.
Anti-fat bias is prevalent throughout our society, from how we think about food and exercise to the words we say.
"I didn’t need food anymore. I had beaten it. I would kill every memory of my fat self."