Body Modification

The self-taught New York City tattoo artist is working to change the face of the next generation in his industry.
Kisby tried to highlight a broad range of people who have piercings, tattoos and other types of body modification in order
Why would people want to hang from hooks pierced through their skin? The reasons are different for each person who participates in this activity known as body suspension, and the Boulder woman is careful not to make generalizations.
We're very glad that corsets are no longer a required part of women's everyday dress -- especially after seeing these x-rays
At underground parties, it's not unusual to see people in novelty contact lenses, which can re-create the golden glare of a tiger or the blue-in-blue of a Dune Fremen.
The pressures women face to look beautiful are harsh enough today, but we came across a picture recently that reminded us
Body modification has taken on vastly different meanings over the years, from wearing makeup and piercing our ears to getting
MS: He had a third ear sewn on his arm. Took him a 12-year quest to find a surgeon that would do that, and they created an
HuffPost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria speaks with Madeline Schwartzman about her book, "See Yourself Sensing," and how hacking the body can bridge art and science.
Look closely, and you'll see three vertical scars over his right eye, as if a tiger mauled him. He cut these lines into the skin with a scalpel and let them heal, a process called scarification.