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Shin hopes to influence the tattoo industry sooner, rather than later. "Five years down the road, I hope we've substantially
The interaction between body painter and human canvas is an integral component of both the process and the final result. For Robin Slonina who left a successful career as a mural painter to focus full-time on body painting, there is magic in the experience of seeing an artwork come to life.
It's been said before, but looking at these women's work, it bears repeating -- the human body can do some truly amazing
In my last project, the challenge was to create a series of world leaders and make them fashionable. I decided to mix them
If your costume is on the seasonal shelf next to the skeleton-print napkins, and also made out of the same material as the napkins, perhaps you could better invest that $79.95.
Lennette Newell dreamed of being a wild animal as a kid. " /> The photographer took that childhood inspiration and channelled
Nineteen year-old Hikaru Cho of Japan has taken body paint to a whole new level with life-like works of art. Taking acrylic
Who knew a little marker could turn a beautiful face into a horrific image beyond our wildest nightmares? Okay, well maybe
Painting on living flesh is an engrossing experience -- very different from the flat, snowy expanse of a blank canvas rectangle. It gives and participates in the process of painting -- energy and creativity flow both ways.