Body Painting

"It amazing how quickly it began to feel like new skin."
Read the full letter below: And because the school doesn't want to treat TKE unfairly from the rest of the fraternities, they've
No, that's not a painting -- it's a real-life proposal.
RuPaul: Drag is an expression of your imagination. If you can dream it, you can become it.  It's as simple - and as infinite
Skin Wars: Fresh Paint needed a new, fresh face. As a compliment to the glamorous whirlwind of RuPaul, the show needed the anchor of a respected aesthete. Fine art critics are not easy to find. Producers Michael Levitt and Jill Goularte went hunting on the internet.
The painting process can take anywhere from one to eight hours, depending on the complexity of the natural surroundings.