body positive

A fat woman is judged by society, by her doctor, by the clothes she tries on in changing rooms. It’s time that changed.
Models of different sizes and shapes walked the runway at fashion week and embraced more body positivity.
Roz the Diva is a personal trainer and pole dance instructor who aims to empower other plus-size athletes.
So Moms, be encouraged! Your motherhood is showing, and it is beautiful! These thoughts of exhaustion shining through kept
Shoes: Kendall & Kylie Dress: Rue 107 The secret to winter pastels is texture. This bright blush pink DVF coat has tons of
-- -- -- -- Though I have objections, politically, to Donald Trump, that's not why my heart is broken this week. Katie is
As a sexuality and body positivity educator, I know how difficult it is for people to change their 'stories' about their body and their sexuality. I also know how essential it is for all of us to love and embrace our bodies.
The survey highlights the pressures felt from a young age – that girls feel they are not pretty enough, thin enough or perfect.
The truth is, it's the media's job to belittle you, to make you feel incomplete without purchasing a product. Don't give in. Together we can create a safe space for all people to feel complete, empowered and beautiful.
And then it clicked... I was going to wear glitter on my eyelids, smear black lipstick on my lips, and place tiaras on top of my hijab. Why? Because I was expressing myself and it made me happy.
"I refuse to be mean to myself and I refuse to hide what society has labeled as flaws any longer."
I love myself. I love myself so much that I want to do everything within my power to stay alive as long as I can. To assure
A new campaign offers an honest perspective on women’s relationships with their bodies.
I am not just some chick who is unhappy that you have kids competing in fitness competitions. I am a former competitor myself.