Body Shape

The entrepreneur says she's much nicer to her body at a size 16 than she ever was at a size 12.
It's incapable of measuring the most important health markers.
Lovin' the layered look for fall? So are we! Bold and cozy, this trend is awesome for autumn, but mixing unconventional shapes and patterns can seem a little intimidating.
In a world of ever-changing trends, knowing what to wear to flatter your body shape can be a bit of a challenge even for the savviest of dressers. Luckily for you, these tips will flatter and flaunt, whatever your size and shape.
Fortunately, no one is doomed to remain apple-shaped. These seven strategies help balance your blood sugar and optimize fat-burning hormones to make you lean, muscular, and healthy.
Dudes! Tried eating like a caveman but still packed on the pounds? Embarrassed trying to choke down an absolutely raw 24-oz porterhouse with a handful of almonds on that second date with Mindy, that adorable Pfizer drug rep? Then try the Paleo Paleo Diet.
Language is never inconsequential. It is too easy to let self-harm pass for comical self-deprecation.
Thank you, Tim Gunn, for alerting us to this incredible infographic the New York Times created to show us just how meaningless
The good news, according to Jilal, is that weight loss "can reduce chemerin levels along with the risk for metabolic syndrome
By Thea Singer At the end of the four-month study, she had lost 14 ounces of belly fat. Within a year, she'd shed 25 pounds
Do we see pressure for men to have an "ideal body type" in other ways besides mannequins? Sure. Men are now being subjected to airbrushing in the media to give them the perfect body.
Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss talks about her eponymous clothing line, inspired by her own shapely figure, whose mission is to create dresses and swimwear for women of all sizes.