We were all about a lip palette filled with rosy hues, a bodysuit that's breathable and a meal service that's a quarantine lunchtime hero.
The tennis queen showed up dressed to kill and easily beat Maria Sharapova.
Be honest, you're planning on copying them.
Alix Let's take a moment to consider the bodysuit. You know, the snap-crotched clothing item that gained popularity in the
As an Israeli-American fashion journalist, I'd like to view the latest Cosmopolitan cover as a fleeting symbol of optimism and momentary sanity, a celebration of two countries I belong to now.
Then, Katy Perry brought the sheer look up north on Sunday night for the MuchMusic Video Awards 2012, where the suit's main
What is the next vacation you plan on taking? I'm going to Corsica at the end of the month; it's half work, half play. Occupation