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Dozens of prominent Republicans have signed a legal brief arguing that gay people have a constitutional right to marry. Sabrina Siddiqui joins Abby to discuss.
"I don't quite honestly think that Speaker Boehner would be speaker if that happens," Johnson told Fox News of Boehner caving
The Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of the year, when the budget cuts mandated in last year's borrowing cap negotiations
Excessive regulation is hardly the problem that created the housing crisis and banking sector meltdown. Quite the reverse. So, to say that regulations per se are the enemy of growth is just wrong.
When 14 million people are out of work and more than 46 million are mired in poverty, how many voters really believe that the wealthiest among us simply cannot be asked to pay their fair share of taxes?
"The public overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly agrees with the president that to get our long-term fiscal house in order, we
Boehner said mandatory spending programs like Medicare and Social Security must be addressed because now "they're unaffordable
(WASHINGTON) -- A chastened President Barack Obama signaled a willingness to compromise with Republicans on tax cuts and
"This means President Obama won't be able to blame R's for 'holding the middle class hostage,'" said a top Republican aide