“I saw an American eating [avocado toast] and I was like, ‘What the f**k?’”
Elska's Bogotá issue is one of its most honest and intimate yet.
Police said the device was placed in a toilet bowl in the second-floor restroom.
It's all part of an initiative to change attitudes about nursing in public.
Hundreds more are injured from the disaster.
Proving that one person's trash can certainly be a child's treasure.
Most of the victims were police officers preparing for anti-bullfighting protests in the Colombian capital.
At another level, in Johannesburg, South Africa, while rights, wages, legislation and living conditions all remain key issues
On November 19th, at about 2:00am -- an hour calculated to prevent press, human rights defenders, and the citizenry from being present -- hundreds of police officers circled the Campamento por la Paz in Bogotá's Plaza de Bolivar.
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