Bogota Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia is a city brimming with life. Articles such as those from The New York Times have helped the city see an
The last member of the group is clarinetist Alejandro Yera. On his cap a red star had been stitched. Like most Cubans, he
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — A small plane crashed into a residential area of Bogota shortly after taking off from the capital's
When sound is arranged in any number of ways, it speaks to various souls depending on its arrangement. Lozk has discovered a way to fuse the organic with the inorganic, creating waves of sound that wash through your mind like a gentle stream.
A little over a year ago, then 33-year-old Natalia Ponce de León was attacked with sulfuric acid in the Colombian capital
Fact #5: Based on the results of these two studies -- Hassad's in 1996 and the National Program's in 2008 - - it seems apparent