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My neighborhood has its benefits, and people wearing their babies is one of them. But this story is not about me. My story is nothing compared to the stories of these moms.
Last week at least two families told me they were moving to Bay Ridge. They can no longer afford Park Slope. They are POOPS. Priced Out Of Park Slope. The very fabric of this neighborhood is changing as I write. I have become Old Brooklyn without even realizing it.
Today, I hung up on the CEO of a major consulting, branding, marketing, capital advisory firm who had called after reading my blog. It was an accident.
Mine has become a neighborhood of excess and ease while I have sunk into poverty. Here I am, the owner of a shop in the epicenter of the baby universe, and I can't make my rent. I just want people to know how some of us are hiding in plain sight, serving you with a smile while our gut lurches with hunger and anxiety.
Girls are consistently being bombarded with confusing messages from the public. I asked Mark to offer advice to parents raising girls in this confusing time.
If stealing credit and gearing up for Will Ferrell's "SNL" this weekend aren't keeping you occupied enough this Wednesday
More than ever, the networked world is holding corporate interests accountable for their environmental and human rights abuses. Don't let people power be silenced. Stop corporate censorship of the internet.
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Karen Paperno, who sells all manner of nursing and baby gadgetry at her shop, has been offering the deal for about a month
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