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Steve Pankey, 64, said police in Colorado have named him as a person of interest in 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews' death.
The Idaho woman lost 65 pounds during surgery to remove the growth.
These goats on the lam were supposed to be working when they were found eating up a quiet suburban street.
Seven other victims remain hospitalized, many with "serious or critical injuries."
Timmy Kinner, 30, is in custody after allegedly carrying out the attack in Boise, Idaho. The victims included refugees.
The next front in the battle over affordable housing isn't Boston or San Francisco. It's Boise.
Brad Breakell insists "Billy Burrito" is just a role and therefore he's "not being racist."
Eighty percent of terminally ill patients say they don't want end-of-life care to be intensive.
A new technique could bring us closer to accurately predicting volcano behavior.
This is not a good way to make a splash on social media.
Parts of the memorial will have to be entirely replaced at a cost of $20,000.
Prosecuting people for sleeping in public "violates their constitutional rights."
Moving for your senior year of high school can do that to you. Moving from New York to a place that a significant portion of Americans can't locate on a map -- or think is part of Canada -- will definitely do that to you. But I've boomeranged back and changed my tune to #DamnILoveBoise instead of "damn this town!"
See the top ten of the Forbes list below. Ms. Freeman teaches at Longfellow Elementary School in Boise, Idaho, and is a member
Deciding to raise chickens in an apartment that's smaller than a chicken coop isn't something Jules Corkery and Robert McMinn are doing on a whim.