Hint: There is lots of sexual tension and lots of tambourine.
No matter what show you catch, each of these theaters will serve as memorable backdrops for its own reason.
Flitting around Europe to report on art events this Fall threw up evening opportunities to enjoy opera on either side of what was once the Iron Curtain.
Viktor Sedov, a 65-year-old violinist at Russia's Bolshoi Theater, died this week after falling into the institute's orchestra
The web of intrigue around Russia's Bolshoi Theater continued to grow over the weekend after Anatoly Iksanov, the theater's
The real-life drama surrounding Russia's Bolshoi Theater reached all new heights of absurdity this week when it was revealed
This expansionary enterprise heralds a brave new era for the classical music industry. When American orchestras are hot, the
Is the future of American dance to be a farm system for companies overseas, and if this is the start of a trend, are we equipped to reverse it?