bolshoi ballet

Longstanding cultural ties between Russia and Italy are evidenced by several lovely buildings constructed in both Moscow
"Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema" brings mesmerizing dance performances to movie theaters across the world.
The bias may not be conscious, but it's very real -- and it's holding women back.
Hint: There is lots of sexual tension and lots of tambourine.
Behind the scenes of the Bolshoi Ballet's epic "Spartacus."
Ekaterina Krysanova makes us wonder: Is "Taming Of The Shrew" feminist or nah?
The Bolshoi theater was torn apart when artistic director Sergei Filin had acid thrown in his face.
Considered one of the most important theatrical works, perhaps the opera, of the 20th century, Lulu is a lurid, hard-edged tale matched by Alban Berg's "atonal" score.
"This was not easy, it’s not easy now, it will never be easy. But I managed it, which means I was ready for it."
Following the near-blinding of former artistic director Sergei Filin, a new leader is stepping in.