bomani jones

When we think beyond our day-to-day work and consider enduring moral principles of equality, there can be no compromise. In the fight against bigotry, we must instead aim for steadfast consistency, even if it makes some people uncomfortable.
The Cleveland Indians' "Chief Wahoo" logo has drawn heavy criticism as of late.
This kind of total reboot doesn't come from turning jerseys inside out, nor from a massive boycott. The question is what does the change come from? How do we get there? Unlike with a computer, we can't just wipe the system clean and start over.
"We hear all this stuff that goes on in Chicago and all these people who die, who lose their lives," he said. "All that stuff
While Finebaum contended that Jones and Zirin were "making fun of people" from the South, both Zirin and Jones took issue
Click HERE to listen to the entire interview. (The link is to an MP3 file.) Lewis: "I'll agree in a sense, yes it is segregated